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Russian defense firm completes delivery of upgraded Akatsiya howitzers to Belarus

YEKATERINBURG, December 30. /TASS/. Uraltransmash (part of the Uralvagonzavod defense manufacturer within the state tech corporation Rostec) has completed the delivery of upgraded Akatsiya self-propelled large-caliber howitzers to Belarus, the company’s press office reported on Thursday.

“Uraltransmash has completed the delivery of upgraded 2S3M ‘Akatsiya’ self-propelled howitzers under the 2020-2021 contract with the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. The guns were delivered to the customer on time,” the press office said in a statement.

As Uraltransmash CEO Dmitry Semizorov said, the howitzers’ major repairs with their upgrade extend their service life and ensure their technical condition as close as possible to newly manufactured guns, regardless of the state that the weapons arrive in for overhaul.

Uraltransmash provides a guarantee for items that have undergone major repairs and modernization and renders warranty and maintenance services.

The 152mm 2S3M ‘Akatsiya’ self-propelled howitzer is designated to destroy and suppress enemy artillery, mortars and other adversary weapons, wipe out tanks, self-propelled guns and other armor, suppress the troop rear and military command centers, eliminate field and defensive installations.

Uraltransmash is Russia’s sole manufacturer of self-propelled artillery systems. The enterprise rolled out its first output on September 8, 1817. Today the enterprise specializes both in military and civilian output.


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