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Poll reveals a third of Russians see better prospects for 2022

MOSCOW, December 30. /TASS/. One-third of Russians surveyed (34%) think that 2022 will be better for the country than the outgoing year of 2021, according to data from the Russian Public Opinion Research Center published on its website on Thursday.

The poll was conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center together with Sputnik countrywide on December 25. The sample volume amounted to 1,600 respondents, the margin of error does not exceed 2.5% with a probability of 95%.

“A third of those polled (34%) think that the coming year will be better for our country than 2021, this opinion was most frequently expressed by young people aged 18-24 (46%), while 39% of the respondents answered that the year will be no better or worse, and 21% think that the year will most likely be worse,” the study said.

Among the positive changes, approximately every fifth respondent (22%) expects an improvement in the situation with the coronavirus infection, while every tenth respondent (11%) expects increased salaries and a better quality of life. Also, 9% hope for lower prices and the control over the level of inflation, 8% expect improvements in the economy and the same percentage expects pension increases, while 7% look forward to positive changes in foreign policy. Roughly 19% of respondents do not expect any positive changes in 2022.

As for negative changes, 21% of those surveyed named the potential of inflation, while 9% of Russians are worried about the appearance of a new wave of the coronavirus infection and new strains, 8% pointed to a deteriorating quality of life, while 7% were concerned about military action and conflicts. According to 13% of the respondents, no negative changes will happen in 2022.


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