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China seriously distrusts US amid constant provocations — foreign minister

BEIJING, December 30. /TASS/. China feels great distrust towards the United States, because Washington systematically stages more provocations and takes unilateral actions that contradict its own statements, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday.

“The United States constantly creates problems and harms Sino-US relations,” Wang said in an interview to the Xinhua news agency and China’s central television. “The United States’ actions run counter to its own statements, which causes people to feel serious distrust.”

In the outgoing year, Wang said, Washington “realized that its pressures will fail to make Beijing retreat.”

“Moreover, the United States is now aware that it may harm itself [by attempts to exert pressure on China],” he added.

The Chinese foreign minister stressed that there was a chance for Sino-US relations to return to the normal track, but for that the United States “will have to give up the ideas of suppressing and containing China.”


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