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Chinese police raid, {turn off} Hong Kong pro-democracy news outlet, arrest 6

Police in the decreasingly autonomous Chinese city of Hong Kong raided {any office} of Stand News and arrested six current and former editors of the publication on Wednesday.

The Associated Press reported {a lot more than} 200 {cops} participated in the raid on the Stand News office on charges the newspaper was promoting sedition. {{Following a|Following} raid and arrests,|{Following a|Following} arrests and raid,} Stand News issued a statement that its website and {social media marketing} are {no more} being updated {and you will be} removed. {{The news headlines} publication also {stated|mentioned} all employees {have already been} dismissed.|{The news headlines} publication said all employees {have already been} dismissed also.}

Stand News had operated since 2014 and was known {because of its} pro-democracy editorial stance and support for increased autonomy for Hong Kong. The publication {have been} {mostly of the} remaining news sources to report critical on Chinese government actions.

News outlets in Hong Kong {have already been} under increased pressure from Hong Kong authorities after China passed new so-called “national security laws” that criminalized broadly defined acts of “sedition,” “subversion,” “secession” and “terrorism.”

The shuttering of Stand News comes {half a year} after another pro-democracy publication, the Apply Daily, was forced to close amid a slew of police raids, {charges and arrests that the Apple Daily was colluding with foreign elements to endanger national security.} {Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai had {recently been} arrested and {billed} with collusion with foreign elements in 2020.|Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai had {recently been} charged and arrested with collusion with foreign elements {within} 2020.} Lai, {who is jailed already,} {was also {billed} with sedition on Tuesday.|on Tuesday {has been|had been} also charged with sedition.}

{THE BRAND NEW} York Times {documented} earlier this month that Hong Kong security secretary Chris Tang {experienced|got|acquired} accused Stand News of “biased, smearing and demonizing” reporting {because of its} coverage of conditions at a prison.

In November, Lau Siu-kai – the vice-president of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies and an advisor to the Beijing government – {informed} China’s state-{operate} Global Times that “with the implementation of the national security law for Hong Kong, the Hong Kong government has {already been} {upgrading} efforts in {controlling|handling} the media and cracking down on fake news.”

Lau {stated|mentioned} “the survival room” for “anti-government media outlets” like Stand News would {continue steadily to} shrink.

{Subsequent} Wednesday’s raid and arrests against Stand News, Hong Kong Police superintendent for National Security Li Kwai-wah claimed, “{We have been} not targeting reporters, {we have been} not targeting the media, {we targeted national security offenses just.}”

Li further {recommended|suggested} other members of Hong Kong’s media on Wednesday, {be biased “Don’t.} You {understand} well {how exactly to} report, how to {be considered a} responsible reporter, {steps to make|making|learning to make} a non-biased {are accountable to} your readers. {That’s all {I could} give you.|That’s {whatever you} can be {distributed by} me.}”

Stand News {experienced|got|acquired} previously {decided to} remove most opinion pieces and columns from its website, out of concern for Hong Kong’s new national security legislation.

Benedict Rogers, {cEO and co-founder of the non-governmental organization Hong Kong Watch,} {criticized Wednesday’s arrests and raid.}

“{Whenever a} free press {assured} by Hong Kong’s Basic Law {will be|is usually|is definitely|can be|is certainly} labeled ‘seditious,’ {this is a} symbol of the speed {of which} this once {excellent}, open, {international city has descended into {bit more} {when compared to a} police state,|international city has descended into {greater than a} police state little,}” Rogers {stated|mentioned}.

The Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) also {stated|mentioned} {it really is} “deeply concerned that {the authorities} {possess|have got} repeatedly arrested senior members of the media and searched the offices of news organizations {that contains} large {levels of} journalistic materials {inside a} year.”


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