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{Meet up with the} Vancouver actor who'{s {experienced} 27 Hallmark movies – {generally} as Kenny|s been in 27 Hallmark movies – as Kenny usually}

{Followers|Enthusiasts|Supporters} of the romantic {humor} genre may {understand} the {film} 27 {Gowns} , {where} Katherine Heigl’s character {acts} as a bridesmaid {a good} astonishing 27 times. {

Vancouver actor Nelson Wong can {relate with} that {quantity|amount} – his |

Vancouver actor Nelson Wong {may} relate to that {quantity|amount} his&nbsp -;}{declare|state} to fame is his 27 roles {within} Hallmark movies. 

Wong’s Hallmark ties {began} when he {performed} Kenny Kwon, a sidekick to a detective, in the 2005 mystery {film} Third {Guy} Out for director Ron Oliver. 

When Oliver {began} directing for Hallmark, {he {ensured} to find a {location} for Wong – {frequently|usually} |he {ensured} {to locate a} accepted place for Wong – often }as a {personality} named Kenny.

“As Ron started {doing work for} Hallmark, Kenny {began} {doing work for} Hallmark. It’s {simply} grown into a {point|factor|issue|matter}. The fans {appear to} {react to} it and 27 movies later, {we are here,}” {stated|mentioned} Wong, laughing. 

Wong as Kenny in the 2017 Hallmark {movie} The Christmas {Teach}, which starred Dermot Mulroney, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Danny Glover and Joan Cusack. (The Christmas {Teach}/Hallmark Hall of Fame)

Wong, as Kenny, has {demonstrated|proven} up {in a variety of} odd jobs {plus} clerical {functions}. 

“Kenny {is a} kitchen {Television show} director, {a marriage} planner. He’s {already been} a concierge at a plaza. He’s been {a child} daddy,” {stated|mentioned} Wong.

“{The complete} time, {I am} thinking Kenny {continues to be} undercover as a detective. He’s {simply} {obtained} these identities that {permit|enable} him {to visit} these {various} universes.”

A {way to obtain} {comfort and ease|convenience|ease and comfort}

Hallmark {Xmas} movies – and {{near} cousins on the {Life time} network and Netflix |{near} cousins on the {Life time} Netflix&nbsp and network;}- have become {an important} part of the {holidays}. {Year this,} Hallmark is releasing 41 {Xmas} {or even} holiday themed movies, {most of them} filmed {around} Vancouver. 

Vancouver director Linda-Lisa Hayter, whose {personal|very own} Hallmark movie Five More Minutes {happens} {this year}, said the core {worth} of the film is love. 

“{Be it} romantic love, {be it} parental love, {be it} {gorgeous|stunning|lovely|wonderful|attractive} friendships, sisterhood, brotherhood, {I believe} it’s just {like},” {stated|mentioned} Hayter.

She {stated|mentioned} the movies {include} comfort during {crisis}.

“We’re {going right through} so much trauma {inside our} lives everywhere {on earth},” she {stated|mentioned}.

“{You have} beautiful lights. {You have} some sweet {songs}. It’s like {getting} a blanket around you. It’s {a thing that} is {smooth|gentle}, and comfortable {also it} feels {great}.”

Nikki Deloach and David Haydn-Jones in Five {Even more} {Moments|Mins|A few minutes} (2021), directed by Linda-Lisa Hayter. Hayter {states} Hallmark movies {provide a} sense of {comfort and ease|convenience|ease and comfort} during difficult {occasions|periods|instances|moments|situations}. (Five {Even more} Minutes/Hallmark {Films} and Mysteries)

{The films} have {occasionally} been criticized {to be} {as well} schmaltzy, something Wong contends with in his {some other|additional|various other} role {being an} acting {trainer} with Haven Studio.

“[Actors] {have a problem with} the Hallmark genre {occasionally}. They think {it is a} little too {good|optimistic|beneficial}, {happy too.} I’m reminding these actors who {usually|constantly|often|generally|continually} want to {have fun with} the drama … like The Bourne {Identification} ,” {stated|mentioned} Wong. 

“These Hallmark movies {are in fact} more true to {true to life}, I’d {state} – nice {people today} {wanting|struggling} {their finest} given their {conditions|situations}.”

Wong {stated|mentioned} his experience on the Hallmark set has {resulted in} other opportunities. 

“They’ve afforded me {therefore} much {in the form of} working {associations|human relationships|interactions|romantic relationships} and oftentimes on {arranged|established|fixed} and {times|occasions} on screen, {I cannot} help but {maintain} the {Xmas} spirit when I’m {performing|carrying out} them {right now|today}.” 

Adapting for {the changing times|the days}

{A far more} {severe} criticism – that the {tales} lack diversity and {more often than not} skew heterosexual – has {already been} met with {attempts|initiatives} {to improve} from studios. 

“Personally, Hallmark’s {been through} a big {switch|modification|transformation|shift} over the last {couple of years} and they {are usually} {a lot more} inclusive {right now|today}, and {I believe} that’s attracting a {much|significantly|considerably} larger audience,” {stated|mentioned} Hayter.

Wong {stated|mentioned} he’s {observed|noticed} improvements {in the last} {10 years}.

“{There’s been} such a great {motion} … [and] people are {unhappy} with homogenous depictions of {family members|households}, work {family members|households} or Christmas,” {this individual} said.

“It’s {sort of} interesting to {view} over the past {10 years} as an LGBTQ Asian-Canadian {performer} myself to {get into} this world {also to} {reach} develop within it … It’s nice {in order to} graduate from the clerical principal {functions} {to really} have a relationship {also to} {possess} belonging within these seasonal {vacation} {photos|images}.”

On The Coast 7:04 Like Christmas Hallmark {films}? {Meet up with the} actor who {has been around} 27 {of these}

Vancouver actor Nelson Wong shares his {ideas} about Hallmark {films} after being in 27 {of these} and his {programs} to appear in {a lot more}. 7:04


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