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Over 21,000 people killed as result of crimes in Russia in 2021 — ministry

MOSCOW, December 22. /TASS/. Over 21,000 people in Russia were killed as a result of various crimes in January-November 2021, according to the Russian Interior Ministry’s statistics obtained by TASS.

“As a result of criminal acts, 21,600 people were killed, and 30,100 people sustained grievous bodily harm. Rural areas account for 37.4% of all deaths. Cities and urban-type settlements account for 68% of individuals who sustained grievous bodily harm,” the document says.

About four crimes out of five (80.9%) are registered in cities and urban-type settlements (1.5 million in total). Rural areas account for one fifth of the tally, or about 345,600 crimes in total.

Economic crimes

The damage caused by crimes in Russia has amounted to 766 billion rubles (almost $10.4 billion at the current exchange rate) over the past 11 months, which is almost 64% more than a year ago, according to the Interior Ministry’s statistics on crime in January-November 2021 made available to TASS.

“The damage from crimes amounted to 766 billion rubles which is 64.2% less than last year. The majority of damages (93.7%) is related to crimes recorded in cities and urban settlements,” the document said.

According to the Interior Ministry, the number of economic crimes has increased by 4.2% compared to last year’s data. From January to November, the law enforcement has detected 107,100 crimes in this category, which makes up 5.8% of all crimes registered in Russia.

“Material damage from the above-mentioned crimes stood at 599.4 billion rubles,” the ministry said.

Overall, a total of 1,853,100 crimes have been registered in Russia in the reported period, down 2% year-on-year. The growth in crimes was registered in 31 Russian regions, while in 54 regions their number declined compared to last year.


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