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External forces plan to destroy Belarusian state — parliament speaker

MINSK, December 22. /TASS/. External forces keep trying to destroy the Belarusian state, and the authorities must be ready to react to any challenges, Council of the Republic (upper chamber of the parliament) speaker Natalia Kochanova told lawmakers Wednesday.

“External forces continue to make plans to destroy the Belarusian state. Their main targets are the achievements of the independent Belarus: peace and security, popular unity and traditional values, the socially-oriented economy and our peaceful foreign policy,” the speaker said, according to the Council’s press office.

Kochanova believes that “[they are] seeking to divide the Belarusian people on every issue: be it the integration within the Union State, the updating of the Constitution, the migration issue or the coronavirus.”

Western political technologists, she added, “don’t even shy away from manipulating the feelings of the believers.”

“It is obvious that we will not be left alone. Amid the wide-scale and intense hybrid war being waged against our country, we must be ready to react to the most unpredictable of challenges,” Kochanova said.

She also believes that the “principal and decisive upholding of national interests and delivering the truth about Belarus to the world is extremely important.”

“We must ramp up our cooperation with our allies, strategic partners and other countries ready to work with our country in a constructive fashion,” the speaker said.

In this regard, she noted that the “deeper integration within the Union State [of Russia and Belarus] is a priority.”

“Our countries have achieved a totally new stage in the development of relations in all areas,” the speaker said.


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