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Putin condemns West’s separation of pandemic into ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’

NOVO-OGARYOVO, July 21. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he has trouble understanding his foreign counterparts who divide the pandemic into “ours” and “theirs,” he said Wednesday. According to Putin, COVID cannot be defeated alone.

“I find it hard to understand many colleagues who still separate the pandemic into ‘ours’ and ‘theirs,’ and inhibit, in particular, the registration of our vaccines, which are undoubtedly safe and efficient,” Putin said, opening the meeting with the government.

The Russian leader expressed his hope that this work could be organized jointly.

“It is pointless to fight separately,” the president underscored.

Putin noted that almost nobody evaded this calamity.

“It is clear that this insidious pandemic that keeps coming back creates a lot of problems for us, and it happens not only [in Russia], but in the vast majority of states,” he said.



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