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Nolte: Incompetent Joe Biden {May}'{t Even Protect the White {Home} from the Coronavirus|t Protect the White {Home} from the Coronavirus Even}

If His Fraudulency Joe Biden cannot {safeguard|guard|shield|secure|defend} the White {Home} from the coronavirus, {{how do} we expect him {to safeguard} us?|{how do} {he could be} expected by us {to safeguard} us?}

Well, {once we} now see {with the|with all the current} new infections {in the united states} and the {come back} (and threatened {come back}) of mask mandates, Biden cannot {safeguard|guard|shield|secure|defend} us. {He’s {unsuccessful} spectacularly at combating the China Flu,|He’s {unsuccessful} at combating the China Flu spectacularly,} and {there is absolutely no} better {exemplory case of} his incompetence {compared to the} {current|latest} breakout of the coronavirus at the {White-colored|Whitened} House.

{In accordance with} White House {push} secretary Lyin’ Ginger, {there were} “ breakthrough {instances|situations} ” (plural) among administration officials.


If the Biden White {Home} were {at all} competent, {this never {could have} happened.|{this might} have happened never.}

There’s {small} doubt these “breakthrough {instances|situations}” {will be the} result of {all of the} Typhoid Marys from Texas – this gang of anti-democracy Democrat lawmakers who fled the Lone {Celebrity|Superstar} state {to make sure} no laws {to safeguard} voter integrity passed. {Currently}, six {of these} “fleebaggers” have tested {good|optimistic|beneficial}.

But – {which} is important – {a long time before} a single White {Home} staffer had {connection with} the Texas Typhoid Marys, everyone {understood} they’d flown in from Texas on {an exclusive} jet without masks. The mask-free pictures were {on multilple web sites|everywhere}, {and – still still!} – White {Home} staffers, {which includes} Her Vice Fraudulency Kamala Harris , attended a reception for them!

The {outcome}…?

Kamala ends up going to Water Reed hospital on Sunday (for what the White House claimed was a routine check-up. Uh, huh), and now there are “breakthrough cases” among the White House staff.

Thankfully, everyone’s vaccinated, {{in order} far {once we} know,|{in order} {once we} know far,} {the cases {aren’t} severe,|the full cases {aren’t} severe,} but what a blunder, what an avoidable blunder, what breathtaking incompetence, and most of all, {{just what a} perfect {solution to} further damage your already failed crusade {to improve} vaccination rates.|{just what a} perfect {solution to} further damage your failed crusade {to improve} vaccination rates already.}

{Consider} it…

What’s the big takeaway {out of this} totally avoidable political disaster? Well, if you’re {one particular} refusing {to obtain} vaccinated, {you’re feeling smug right about now pretty.} After all, {if the vaccinated fully,} {{even yet in} the White House,|in the White House even,} {{remain} catching the coronavirus,|are catching the coronavirus still,} {what’s the point {to getting} vaccinated?|what’s {the real} point {to getting} vaccinated?} Sure, {it is possible to} tell the unvaccinated {the whole day} that infections are proving to be {significantly less} severe {and far} less fatal {because of} the vaccine, {{however the} unvaccinated already {think that} {should they} catch it,|{however the} unvaccinated believe that {should they} catch it already,} it won’t {be considered a} big deal.

First, Biden spends {a lot of} the 2020 presidential campaign undermining confidence in the coronavirus vaccine. Then, {after he’s fully vaccinated and wins the election allegedly,} he runs around outdoors with a mask on (which again signals he still {doesn’t have} confidence in the vaccine). Then, after his vaccination crusade fails, he scapegoats the political right for {their own} failures, {and now {the herpes virus} is galloping through {their own} staff.|and {the herpes virus} is galloping through {their own} staff now.}

Yeah, {this is actually the} guy {responsible for} the coronavirus fight.



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