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Rick Scott: If Cubans {Obtain} Internet Access {Back again}, the Communist Regime Is 'Over'

On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) argued {that when} the Cuban people get {Access to the internet} back, “the Castro regime {is performed}.”

Scott said President Joe Biden must “{see how to} get Internet down there. Now, I’ve been calling – I’ve been {searching for} if there’s – how – what the private solution is, {if {the federal government} can’t do it,|if the national government can’t {take action},} but whether the {authorities} does it, {they must be} doing it. {Should they} don’t {take action}, I’m {likely to} do everything {I could}, and there [are] {other folks} doing {a similar thing}. {We’re {likely to} {work out how to} get Internet {back again to} those – to the Cubans.|We’re going to figure out how to get Internet to those – to the Cubans back.} {{Since when} they get Internet back,|{Since when} they back get Internet,} it’s over. The Cuban {folks are} {sick and tired of} the Castro regime, and it’s still the Castro regime, let’s {understand that}.”

He added, “I actually really {think that} the Cuban {folks are} finally just {completely fed up}. And so, {if they} {access} the Internet…when {that occurs}, {{I believe} the Castro regime {is performed}.|The Castro is thought by me regime {is performed}.}”

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