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Nolte: Biden Turns to Coercion and Spying {to improve} Vaccination Rates

His Fraudulency Joe Biden {offers|provides} {therefore} bungled the vaccine roll-out, {the White {Home} is {embracing} coercion and spying.|the White {Home} is {embracing} spying and coercion.}

{this year

Earlier,} Biden stood {prior to the} {general public|open public|community} and announced {an objective}. {July 4 by,} he said, {at the very least} 70 percent {of most} U.S. {adults {could have} received {a minumum of one} {dosage} of the coronavirus vaccine.|{grown ups} shall have received {a minumum of one} {dosage} of the coronavirus vaccine.} {Sunday on,} July 4, {based on the} CDC, {the quantity} was 67 {%} , which {is darn close pretty.} Nevertheless, the White {Home}, the media, {and folks} like Dr. Anthony Fauci {are usually} freaking out.

Freaking out, {yet},  {in accordance with} Jeff Zients, the White House COVID [Chinese coronavirus] Response Coordinator: “We’ve made {plenty of} progress, {I believe} more progress, it’s fair to say, than anyone had expected, {with 2 out of 3 Americans now with {a minumum of one} shot of vaccine and importantly,|with 2 out of 3 Americans with {a minumum of one} shot of vaccine and importantly now,} close to 90% of those 65 years and older with one shot and close to 80% fully vaccinated.”

He added, {“That’s particularly important because we started the vaccination campaign {centered on} the most vulnerable.|“That’s particularly important {as the} vaccination was started by us campaign {centered on} the most vulnerable.}”

So, {at the very least} from my vantage point, {things look good pretty.} {Whenever your} goal is 70 percent, {and you also} hit 67 percent, what’s wrong with that? {On top of that}, {vaccination rates {are very} high {being among the most} vulnerable,|vaccination rates are high {being among the most} vulnerable quite,} the elderly.

What more does His Fraudulency want?

Well, {the media and Democrats {remain} {unhappy} because fascists {should never be} happy until there’s total compliance.|the Democrats and media {remain} {unhappy} because fascists {should never be} happy until there’s total compliance.} {Therefore}, the White House is moving to the coercion and spying phase {of these} vaccination rollout. This {is apparently} their four-part plan, and it’s not pretty…


  1. {Obtain the} FDA to approve the vaccine officially.|
  2. {Obtain the} FDA to officially approve the vaccine.}
  3. Send government emissaries door-to-door {to truly have a} {talk to} the unvaccinated.
  4. {

  5. Push for businesses and schools to mandate vaccinations.}
  6. Fact check our {texts}, {that is} spying.


{All of this} over a three-point miss?|this over a three-point miss


{Right from the start}, I’ve been upfront about {my estimation} on vaccines, {that is} that {I am hoping} everyone gets vaccinated. But, {considering} those vaccination numbers, the 67 percent, etc., {I honestly don’t {visit a} problem.|I don’t {visit a} problem honestly.}

{Listed below are} the survivability rates, per the CDC , per age group…

  • 0-19 – 99.997 percent
  • 20-49 – 99.98 percent
  • 50-69 – 99.5 percent
  • 70+ – 94.6 percent.

The CDC {doesn’t have} numbers for those {older than} 80, {but {we are able to} assume they’re worse {compared to the} 70+ group.|but {we are able to} assume worse {compared to the} 70+ group they’re.}

So if you’re under 70, your {likelihood of} surviving are 99.5 percent {or more}. Additionally, {{near} 80 percent of the 70+ high-risk group are fully vaccinated.|{near} 80 percent of the 70+ high-risk group are vaccinated fully.} So it’s primarily {teenagers} who are choosing {in order to avoid} the vaccine,  according to the CDC. But with survivability rates like 99.98 percent {for all those} 20-49 and 99.997 percent {for all those} 0-19, {which makes} sense.

I’m not {concerned about} people refusing {to obtain} vaccinated because the {likelihood of} the unvaccinated infecting the vaccinated are quite low .

{With regards to} preventing disease, the  efficacy rates  for the vaccines are:

  • Pfizer: 95%
  • Moderna: 94%
  •  Johnson and Johnson: 66%

The vaccines have a near 100% efficacy rate for preventing {serious disease}, hospitalization, and death.

What more {would you like} than “near {completely}.” So if you’re choosing to {have a} calculated risk by refusing the vaccination, {that is} your right, {your decision} doesn’t concern me.

So {apart from} fascism and stomping their feet {to obtain} their way, the left’s freakout over America’s vaccination holdouts makes ZERO SENSE {IF YOU ASK ME}.

And let’s {remember}, {it had been} Biden who blew it, who undermined {their own} vaccination campaign. {Actually}, {nobody|no-one} did more to undermine confidence in the vaccine than Biden and her Vice Fraudulency Kamala Harris.


So,} let’s {have a look at} each step of Biden’s apparent four-step plan.

Biden’s push {to obtain} the FDA to approve the China Flu vaccines {is} about {a very important factor}: removing a talking point from those preaching against getting vaccinated. Putting {strain on the} FDA {is really a} terrible idea. If people believe the vaccines won FDA approval {because of} White House pressure campaign, {{it’ll} only alter this talking point into {something similar to},|it shall only alter this talking point into {something similar to},}  The administration pressured the FDA – maybe {as the} vaccine wouldn’t have passed muster otherwise. 


Sending government-approved emissaries to the homes of the unvaccinated to suggest they get vaccinated {is indeed} stupid {just a} Democrat could {produce} it.  The White House swears it won’t be actual government agents knocking {on your own} door. Instead, {{it’ll be} local folks,|it {will be} local folks,} like {from your own} church. Question: How {could it be} legal {to inform} people {in my own} community what my vaccination status is? {{That is} only {likely to} sow more resentment and distrust towards {the federal government} and authority,|{That is} only {likely to} sow more resentment and distrust towards the national government and authority,} as well {it will}.


{Number 3} on the list {would be to} push for schools and the workplace to institute vaccine mandates. {Quite simply}, {you cannot attend a school or {be employed|be used} unless you’re vaccinated gainfully.} Why, {once the} unvaccinated are no real threat to the vaccinated? {That is} naked bullying, {an awful} idea, {and one {that may|which will} {most likely not} survive a court challenge.|and one {that won’t} survive a court challenge probably.}


{The final} on Biden’s list (until he {arises} {with an increase of} fascist ideas) is fact-checking {texts}. But, of course, in order to fact-check our text messages, {{the federal government} {must} read our {texts}.|the national government {must} read our {texts}.} Text messages are supposed to be private. {If {the federal government} monitors our {texts},|If the national government monitors our {texts},} which is the only way to fact check them, how is this anything other than … spying?

How is monitoring a {text} {not the same as} monitoring a {telephone call}?


It’s almost {as though} Biden is trying to create distrust and resentment towards the government.|

It’s almost {as though} Biden is trying {to generate} distrust and resentment towards the national government.}

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