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Gretchen Whitmer Coronavirus Vaccination Raffle Gimmick {Drops} 95% {Lacking} Goal

The Michigan vaccination raffle gimmick that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) touted {didn’t} motivate many residents {to obtain} the shot for {to be able to} win millions in prizes.

“{Significantly less than} 37,000 people in Michigan have gotten their first dose of a COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] vaccine {because the} {start of} program,” titled MI Shot to Win, {{that was} announced July 1,|july 1 {that was} announced,} NBC 25 reported .

{Wanting to} change {the topic} from her scandals, {Whitmer held a festive press conference shortly {prior to the} July 4 holiday weekend,|July 4 holiday weekend whitmer held a festive press conference shortly {prior to the},} promising {the opportunity to} win millions in tax dollars to {those that} registered {once they} received a coronavirus vaccine, including $50,000 daily drawings.

{Based on the} Detroit Free Press , Whitmer was aiming {to utilize} the gimmick {to attain} her goal of 70 percent of residents receiving {a minumum of one} dose of the vaccine. {The target} was {to improve} the rate by 9 percentage points, or 768,{000 vaccinated Michiganders newly.}

Alas, the scheme fell {a lot more than} 95 percent {lacking} its goal.

“We’re not seeing our numbers skyrocket like we hoped,” Kalamazoo County Health Officer Jim Rutherford lamented to NBC 25.

“We’re not seeing {an awful} demand for the vaccine, and we’ve tried {plenty of} different approaches and I was hopeful {that} lottery would increase that but just haven’t seen anything yet {that could} signify {a substantial} increase.”

{The news headlines} station noted such raffle gimmicks “did nothing {to boost} vaccination rates {in comparison with} trends in other states.”

Whitmer said {through the} announcement Ohio was {the initial} state {to provide} financial giveaways {to obtain} the vaccine approved for emergency use. But, she claimed, {Michigan {would} {take action} “bigger and better,|Michigan {would} better {take action} “bigger and,}” the Oakland Press reported .

{A report} of the Ohio scheme found no difference in the growth of vaccination rates {following the} creation of the raffle.

“{The analysis} {didn’t} find evidence {a} lottery-based incentive in Ohio was {connected with} increased rates of adult COVID-19 vaccinations,{” {the analysis} authors wrote,|” the scholarly study authors wrote,} {based on the} Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy .

“{On the other hand}, the analyses {claim that} the rate of decline in vaccinations slowed to {a larger} extent {in america} than in Ohio {following the} May 12 lottery announcement.”


{Regardless of the} taxpayer-funded giveaway and Whitmer pep talk,|

{Regardless of the} taxpayer-funded Whitmer and giveaway pep talk,} 62.4 percent of Michiganders are vaccinated .

Kyle Olson {is really a} reporter for Breitbart News. {{He could be} also host of “The Kyle Olson Show,|{He could be} host of “The Kyle Olson Show also,}” syndicated on Michigan {r / c} on Saturdays – download full podcast episodes . Follow him on GETTR .



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