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Carlson: {In accordance with} Biden, TX Democrats '{Occasionally} You've {Surely got to} End Democracy {to conserve} Democracy'

Tuesday, FNC host Tucker Carlson questioned the counterintuitive notion that Texas Democrats had to {turn off} the Texas Legislature, which {in place} stymied {among the} processes of representative democracy {to save lots of} democracy.

Carlson also mocked President Joe Biden for likening the efforts to pass voter integrity laws to the Civil War.

CARLSON: {It had been} a happy day {in the us}, {july day a beautiful,} {and then {today} something grave happened.|{today} something grave happened {and}.} Joe Biden made {an extremely} disturbing announcement.


“This country faces {an emergency} {more threatening} than anything {because the} American Civil War,|

“This national country faces {an emergency} {more threatening} than anything {because the} American Civil War,}” Biden said at his Gettysburg, Shiloh, Antietam, the Walking Dead of Andersonville, the Killing Fields of the 19th Century American South. That’s what we’re {considering} {at this time} announced the President of {america} – by {wanting to} pass laws requiring voters {showing} ID {if they} vote, republicans are risking permanent internal division {in addition to} violent conflict.

Think we’re overstating? {What he said here’s.}


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF {AMERICA}: There’s an unfolding assault {occurring} in America today, {{an effort} to suppress and subvert {the proper} to vote in fair and free elections.|{an effort} to suppress and subvert {the proper} to vote in free and fair elections.} We’re facing {the most important} test of our democracy {because the} Civil War. That’s not hyperbole – {because the} Civil War.


CARLSON: The Civil War? Sound overheated {for you}? Joe Biden {want} you to know, {this isn’t} hyperbole. {Voter ID laws are literally {just like the} Civil War.|Voter ID laws are {just like the} Civil War literally.} {{That’s} habeas corpus suspended,|{That’s} corpus suspended habeas,} state legislature shutdown, {thousands} of Americans dead in field. {That has been} the Civil War.

Biden {managed to get} clear that’s what he meant, {he twice said it.}

When was {the final} time a sitting American President gave a speech {such as this}? Well, {probably not {because the} 1860s {through the} actual Civil War.|not {because the} 1860s {through the} actual Civil War probably.} {So it’s} hard to know {how exactly to} process it. {Even {enabling} the dementia,|{Enabling} the dementia even,} {{it had been} a stunningly irresponsible thing for an American leader {to state} out loud,|{it had been} a irresponsible thing for an American leader {to state} out loud stunningly,} dangerous even.

{Etc} what grounds did Joe Biden say it what drove him to it? Well, here’s the Fort Sumter Biden was {discussing}.

Yesterday, 51 Democrats in {hawaii} legislature in Texas, left Texas and flew to Washington, D.C. on private jets. They did this {to be able to} deny the Texas legislature a quorum, {{and} they shut it down.|{plus they} shut it down then.} They {turn off} the democratic process {within their} state.

By leaving Texas, they, {quite simply} violated their sworn duty to represent their voters {plus they} committed what amounted to an act of, yes, insurrection. Why? {In order that} Texas lawmakers couldn’t pass laws against voter fraud; laws, {{incidentally} that voters in Texas have said overwhelmingly {they need} passed.|{incidentally} that voters in Texas have said {they need} passed overwhelmingly.} That’s democracy, but they’re not {setting it up}.

The measures that Texas voters {wish to} see become law {add a} bill {that could} require {some type of} identification: a driver’s license, a Social Security card, {something real and valid for voters who submit mail-in ballots.} Another bill would require the Texas Secretary of State {to examine} voter rolls for noncitizens and remove {folks who are|individuals who are} {prohibited} to vote.

So, nothing in the bill is radical or without extensive precedent. {In the event that you} oppose voter fraud, {actually}, it’s all very obvious, {rather than} controversial at all, and that’s why it’s so {favored by} voters in Texas.


But Democrats in {hawaii} don’t oppose voter fraud,|

But Democrats in the {constant state} don’t oppose voter fraud,} {nor critically do they {have confidence in} multiparty politics.|nor do they {have confidence in} multiparty politics critically.} So, they stop {the complete|the whole} process cold.

Now, preventing lawmakers from making laws, shutting down the vote {wouldn’t normally} {look like} a defense of democracy. {Actually}, {it would {look like|seem to be} just the opposite.|it would {look like|seem to be} the opposite just.} It would {look like|seem to be} an assault on {the} core of democracy, {that is} the legislature – the People’s House. {Even diabolical Vladimir Putin never {attemptedto} do that.|Even diabolical Vladimir Putin {attemptedto} do that never.}

But {in accordance with} Joe Biden, {this right time,} it’s necessary. Sometimes you’ve {surely got to} end democracy {to conserve} democracy – {that’s} if you’re {not just a} racist. {Requiring {visitors to} prove their identity {if they} cast votes said the president is,|Requiring {visitors to} prove their identity {if they} cast votes said the elected president is,} quote, “An unrelenting 21st century Jim Crow assault.” Really? How so?


Biden explained,} but he didn’t {have to}. His bootlickers on {cable} jumped {directly into} do the talking for him.


JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: Texas Democrats {going for a} major {are a symbol of} voting rights. {This is a} dramatic, yet effective move that the National Democratic Party would {prosper} to try and {focus on}.

BRIAN WILLIAMS, MSNBC ANCHOR: Leaving their legislative chamber {with out a} quorum was {the final} {most sensible thing} they thought {they might} do to preserve voting rights there and {make an effort to} defeat the Republican voter suppression bill.

NICOLLE WALLACE, MSNBC HOST: The Texas Democrats fighting {back} {the facial skin} of Republicans very successful voter suppression drive.

DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: Texas Democrats fleeing their state in a last-ditch effort to block a restrictive new voting law, {because the} G.O.P. is pushing its assault on our most sacred right as Americans, {the proper} to vote.

CARLSON: Who cares {concerning the} last guy? {Think about} {the initial} guy? The Republican Voter Suppression Act? {{How do|Just how do} these bills suppress voting exactly,} precisely? Well, {Brian Williams told us never.} {He repeated the talking point he was handed just.} {Just what a} brainless shill {he’s got} become, so many have.

But pay no {focus on} the dead-eyed news anchor {letting you know} {the most common} lies. No, {{consider the|think about the} heroes of modern Texas instead,} {{individuals} saving the vote by stopping the vote.|the social people saving the vote by stopping the vote.} Preserving democracy by ending it.

Here’s {an image} {of these} on a charter bus to the private airfield. The FBO, {as the saying goes} in private equity. Now, {{they might be} smiling in the picture,|{they could be} smiling in the picture,} but it’s {and then} mask the pain inside.


{They might be} drinking Miller Lite,|

{They could be} drinking Miller Lite,} but it’s not in celebration. No, it’s in solidarity with the Campesinos and Campesinas {round the} State of Texas, {on whose behalf {these were} drinking those beers.|on whose behalf those beers were being drunk by them.} {The people who {may possibly not be} actual citizens of {america},|The social {individuals who} {may possibly not be} actual citizens of {america},} who {might not} speak our language or follow our laws, {but who still somehow have the God-given {to} choose your government {for you personally},|but who still have the God-given {to} choose your government {for you personally} somehow,} {the proper} {quite simply} to vote Democrat {every time they} want.

So, {it had been} {a rigorous} moment on that bus. Picture Che Guevara sailing to Havana Harbor on the Granma {to create} the revolution to its bloody climax. {Also it} only got more intense {once the} charter buses {attained} the FBO.

One Texas lawmaker, a childlike former teacher called James Talarico tweeted {concerning the} dangers from his private jet, quote, “Just landed in Memphis on our {solution to} D.C. {Many thanks} all {for the} well wishes. We {left out} our families, our livelihoods, and our beloved Texas, but our sacrifice – (carrying with a straight face) – but our sacrifice is nothing {set alongside the} sacrifices brave Americans have made throughout history {to safeguard} the sacred {to} vote.”

So, sacrifices include drinking Miller Lite on {an exclusive} plane over Memphis. {It had been} moving.

Now, {we don’t have {plenty of} photos from within that private plane,|{we’ve} {plenty of} photos from within that private plane don’t,} just like {we’ve} {plenty of} paintings from Washington’s crossing of the Delaware. {Sometimes {you must} imagine it.|{You must} imagine it sometimes.}

But we do have this documentary evidence, this shot, {so when} you can see, {those social {people are|folks are} terrified.} {They’re} not taking this trip on {an exclusive} plane for themselves, {{they’re} {carrying it out} for democracy,|{it really is} being done by them for democracy,} {which paradoxically they’ve suspended just.} Revolutions are {filled with} bitter little ironies {like this}, {but we {figure out how to} live {using them} in the name of {the higher} good.|but we {figure out how to} live {using them} in {the real} name of {the higher} good.}

Now, {you might be wondering,} how did {those} lawmakers {can get on} that plane? {{Is it possible to} just walk on a plane now?|{Is it possible to} {at the moment} walk on a plane?} Doesn’t {that want} {some type of} photo ID? A racist ID card? {And by {the real|the true} way,} where are their masks? Aren’t you required by Federal law to wear a mask on an airplane?

Sure, {you’re}, in normal times. {However when} there’s a revolution {happening}, normal rules are suspended. {Che Guevara wore a surgical mask never.} His rifle was his ID card, {{therefore} {with one of these} slightly chunky revolutionary heroes.|{therefore} {with one of these} chunky revolutionary heroes slightly.}

Now, {{after the} brigade from Texas finally {found its way to} {the administrative centre} City of Washington,|{after the} brigade from Texas {found its way to} {the administrative centre} City of Washington finally,} {these were} met with artillery fire Hessian sharpshooters. No. Something more daunting. {There have been} television cameras awaiting their arrival. How did they handle this? {With {the energy} of song?|With the charged power of song?}


{BAND OF} TEXAS DEMOCRATIC LAWMAKERS (singing): {We will} overcome, {we will} overcome. {We shall someday overcome;} oh, deep {in my own} heart, {I really do} believe. {We shall someday overcome.}


CARLSON: {What goes on} {whenever a} cliche becomes so time-worn that it folds in on itself {just like a|such as a} cliche black hole and sucks {most of} reality into itself? {That’s {everything you} just saw.|That’s {everything you} saw just.}

Now, but to the untrained eye, {the footage we just played {may seem} {a bit} self-aggrandizing.|the footage we played {may seem} {a bit} self-aggrandizing just.} It might {look like} those lawmakers {will be the} only ones {on the planet} who appreciate {their very own} bravery and the sound {of these} own voices. But that’s {incorrect}. {There are still {other folks} in this country who recognize how truly heroic these political leaders are.|There are still {other folks} in this national country who recognize how truly heroic these political leaders are.}

One Texas lawmaker, Gene Wu insisted that his fans couldn’t wait to see him when he {surely got to} Washington, quote, {“Landed in D safely.}C. {It had been} wonderful to randomly {come across} {individuals who} recognize me and applauded what {we have been} doing.”

Now, {none of {individuals} {that are} vigorously applauding Gene Wu appear visible {for the reason that} tweet.|none of {individuals} {that are} applauding Gene Wu appear visible {for the reason that} tweet vigorously.} But you can {be confident} Mr. and Mrs. America, they’re {on the market}. {{They’re} just out of camera shot.|{They’re} out of camera shot just.}

Now, presumably, Gene Wu’s many fans, his legions of fans {may also be} applauding as he sat eating lunch in the airport dining area, {who documented {just what} he ate in a follow-up tweet {simply for} the historical record,|who documented {just what} he ate in a follow-up tweet for the historical record just,} quote, “My first {food|dinner} as a fugitive. {Tasty}.”


{Sooner or later} in {the present day} era,|

At some true point in {the present day} era,} it becomes {just a little} hard {to tell apart} between hero and clinical narcissist. Star of TikTok videos state legislator, but whatever, those distinctions don’t mean anything. Gene Wu {is really a} hero for eating those croutons, {what size} a hero? Well, Gene Wu himself wouldn’t say. {He could be} {a guy} of modesty, obviously.


But another representative from {hawaii} of Texas,|

But another representative from the {constant state} of Texas,} a fella called Trey Martinez Fischer spelled it out {for all of us}. {{In accordance with} Trey Martinez Fischer – can that name be real?|{In accordance with} Trey Martinez Fischer – can that true name be real?} We’re {choosing} it – Gene Wu eating salad {within an} airport {is very much indeed} {just like the} Civil Rights leaders of old, crossing the bridge in Alabama, {taking truncheon blows to {the top}.|taking truncheon blows to the relative head.} You watch.


TREY MARTINEZ FISCHER (D), TEXAS STATE REPRESENTATIVE: {This is actually the} risk that we {try} {operate} for democracy. {After all}, {we are {discussing} voting rights here.|we are here {discussing} voting rights.} There were {individuals who} were beaten with clubs and attacked by dogs {and folks} were murdered {to safeguard} the sacred rights {because of this} – this threat {which} finger-pointing by the Governor {won’t} intimidate {most of us}.


{We have been} strong and united,|

{We have been} united and strong,} and {you want to} bring, {{you understand} voting rights reform {to the} country.|{you understand} voting rights reform {to the} national country.}


CARLSON: Edmund Pettus Bridge, Chipotle – same idea, different era.

As you’d expect, Kamala Harris wants in on the action. {{She’s} been protesting for Civil Rights since {a kid} growing up in Canada – sorry,|{She’s} been protesting for Civil Rights since {a kid} growing up in Canada – sorry,} America. Since {2 yrs} old, {she’s} been demanding freedom as she said. So, {{she’s} just announced she’s {likely to} {talk with} these freedom fighters sometime this week.|this week {she’s} just announced she’s {likely to} {talk with} these freedom fighters sometime.}

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, meanwhile, won’t be there. {He’s got} promised to arrest them and bring them {back again to} the State House {should they} ever {go back to} Texas. So, are they {returning} to Texas? No, they’re not, {not {before} session is over.|not {before} session over is.}


So,} these freedom fighters, these modern Che Guevara’s, these crossers of the Edmund Pettus Bridge/Chipotle have {turn off} Texas’s democratically elected government. That’s {the method that you|the way you} know {they’re} defending democracy, out in the private planes



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