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{Publication of {information} from Ryanair {airline flight|trip|air travel} would {end} bogus arguments,|Publication of {information} from Ryanair {airline flight|trip|air travel} would put an {last} {finish} to bogus arguments,} Minsk says

MINSK, June 29. /TASS/. Belarus aviation authorities {think that} if the {Worldwide|Global} Civil Aviation {Business|Corporation|Firm|Company} (ICAO) published decoded {information} from the {airline flight|trip|air travel} recorders of the Ryanair {airline flight|trip|air travel}, it would end {all of the} bogus arguments {concerning the} illegitimacy of Belarus’ {activities} in the May 23 Ryanair {airline flight|trip|air travel} incident, the director of the {Transportation} Ministry’s {Division|Section} for Aviation, Artyom Sikorsky, {tuesday said on.} {

Sikorsky took {component} in a video {program} of the ICAO Council on June 28,|june 28

Sikorsky {required|got|had taken} part in a {movie} {program} of the ICAO Council on,} which {investigated} an interim report {concerning the} incident in the airspace of Belarus.

“We {think} that if ICAO {released} the decoded {info|details} from the onboard recorders of the Ryanair aircraft, then all {fake} arguments about the illegitimacy of Belarus’s {activities} would {become|end up being} dismissed,” the BelTA {information} agency quoted him as {stating}.

“{It isn’t} {obvious|very clear|crystal clear|apparent} to the Belarusian {part|aspect}, {why the ICAO {have not} yet {described} to countries of {europe},|why the ICAO {have not} {described} to countries of {europe} yet,} Canada, Ukraine {plus some} other countries {they} {had been} violating the Chicago Convention by imposing discriminatory sanctions {contrary to the} civil aviation of Belarus,” he {stated|mentioned}.

Sikorsky {furthermore} confirmed that {your choice} was taken {following the} {program} of the ICAO Council {to keep} the investigation {to determine} the facts and {create a} report on September 13.

Ryanair {airline flight|trip|air travel} incident

{ON, MAY} 23, a Vilnius-bound Ryanair {airline flight|trip|air travel} that {became popular} from Athens was {pushed|pressured} to make {a crisis} landing in the Belarusian {funds} of Minsk {following a} reported bomb {danger|risk}. A Mikoyan MiG-29 jet {has been|had been} scrambled to escort the plane into Minsk. {The bomb {danger|risk} came up empty {following the} aircraft had landed.|The bomb threat came empty {following the} aircraft had landed up.}


The Belarusian authorities specified {later on|afterwards} that Roman Protasevich,|

The Belarusian authorities {specific} that Roman Protasevich later,} {desired|needed|wished} in Belarus as a co-founder of the Nexta Telegram channel, {that your} Belarusian authorities {named} extremist, had been {on the list of} flight’s passengers. He {has been|had been} detained by Belarusian {police} agents.

{Following a|Following} incident, {europe} barred Belarusian {airlines} from {working} flights to EU airports and {utilizing the} European Union’s airspace, and recommended that European {airline carriers} should {prevent} Belarusian airspace.



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