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“Thermal Shutdown” – {Warmth|Temperature|High temperature} Wave Knocks Beta Starlink {Customers} Offline

While {an enormous} heat wave and megadrought plague tens of {an incredible number of} Americans, beta users of SpaceX’s broadband service called Starlink are reporting their dishes are overheating, which knocks them offline. {this week

Earlier,} a  Redditor  posted {one} message that reads “Offline Thermal Shutdown.” The dish “overheated” and “Starlink will reconnect after {trying to cool off},” the error {information} continued. 

According to  Ars Technica , the Redditor, Martin, reached out to Starlink {assistance} {group}, which told him, “Dishy will {get into} thermal shutdown at 122F and restart when it reaches 104F.” He tried to {cool off} the dish with {drinking water} in the {very hot|warm|sizzling|popular|scorching} Arizona heat, {although} “fix was {short-term}.”

“When I stopped the sprinkler, [the dish] heated {back again} up and would {period|routine} back on {for some|for a couple} minutes and {return back} down for thermal shutdown. {The overheating started that day about 11:30 am and {returned} {once and for all} about 7 pm.|That day about 11:30 am and {returned} {once and for all} about 7 pm the overheating started.}.. I’m {presently} headed to a {equipment} store {to obtain} materials {to create} a solar {color}/sail {round the} dish to see if {it generally does not} impact connection and {velocity|rate|acceleration|swiftness|quickness},” he said. 

{Among the} {disadvantages} of Starlink {is apparently} thermal issues {where in fact the} user cannot {entry|accessibility|gain access to} satellite internet {before} dish cools down. {Some other|Additional|Various other} {customers} have reported the {exact same} {issue}. 

About two {weeks|a few months|several weeks} ago, another  Redditor  said their dish shut down for 30 minutes after being exposed to “low 80s and sun.” 

To all beta testers using Starlink this {summer time|summer season|summertime}, {much better} come up with a dish {warmth|temperature|high temperature} management {program} or else {encounter} no connectivity. Not {amazing|unexpected|astonishing}, {considering {this can be a} company owned by Elon Musk.|considering {this can be a} ongoing company owned by Elon Musk.} 



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