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Biden’s image {developed by} the media has {nothing in connection with} {the truth}, says Putin

MOSCOW, June 17. /TASS/. The image {folks} President Joe Biden {developed by} the Russian and US media, has {nothing in connection with} {the truth}, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a videoconference with graduates of the personnel reserve development program of {the bigger} School of Public Administration on Thursday.

“The image of President Biden portrayed by our {and also} by the American media has {nothing in connection with} {the truth},” Putin shared the impressions from the Wednesday’s Russia-US summit.

Skillful professional

The Russian president emphasized that {the united states} leader {have been} on a European tour before {ending up in} him. “{He could be} on {an extended} trip, {he overseas flew from,} {getting the} so-called jet lag, {the change {of that time period} zones,|the noticeable change {of that time period} zones,}” Putin {described}, acknowledging that long flights were telling on him {aswell}.

However, Biden looked energetic, {and their face-to-face conversation lasted longer two hours or slightly.} “{He could be} fully in the know. He {investigated} his notes {every once in awhile}, but {we all have been} {achieving this},” Putin {continued} to say.

{Just how} Biden is portrayed by the media “{may also} discourage {a little}”, he said. “However, {you need to} not be discouraged: Biden {is really a} professional, {{and something} should work very attentively with him {in order to avoid} missing any detail.|{and something} should work very with him {in order to avoid} missing any detail attentively.} {{I could} say with certainty {he} never misses {an individual} detail,|{I could} say with certainty {he} misses {an individual} detail never,}” Putin stressed. “{This is} absolutely obvious {for me personally},” he stressed.

He dismissed the rumors that {the united states} leader {may also be} mixing things up. Commenting {with this}, Putin mentioned the press secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki. “His press secretary {is really a} young, {educated and woman pretty.} {{She actually is} mixing things up {on a regular basis}.|{She actually is} mixing things up {all of the} right time.} {{This isn’t} because she is {insufficient} educated or {includes a} bad memory.|{This isn’t} because {she actually is} not educated or {includes a} bad memory enough.} Simply, {{you understand} when people {believe that|believe} some things are secondary,|{you understand} when people {believe that|believe} some plain things are secondary,} {they don’t really fix their attention {with this},|they don’t fix their attention {with this} really,}” Putin explained.

“Well, the Americans {think that} {there is nothing} more important than themselves. {That is} their style,” he added. Therefore, {you’ll find nothing} unusual {inside it}. “I repeat {once more} – {he could be} organized, he understands what he {really wants to} achieve. {And {he could be} {achieving this} very skillfully.|And he skillfully {does} this very.} {{You can} feel this immediately,|{You can} immediately feel this,}” Putin concluded.



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