Monday, August 2, 2021
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Vaccinated Joe Biden Wears a Mask While Visiting American Troops in United Kingdom

President Joe Biden wore a mask as he appeared with American troops stationed in the United Kingdom on Wednesday during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden spoke to the troops at Royal Air Force Mildenhall, entering the room wearing a mask yet stopping to shake some hands.

Biden has received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine but appears to rely on his mask in some public situations.

First lady Jill Biden introduced the president, removing her mask to speak while Biden stood behind her, still wearing his mask.

One woman in the crowd shouted, “I love you, Joe!” prompting the president to turn and look into the crowd.

“Joe. Pay attention,” Jill Biden replied as the crowd laughed.

Biden turned and stiffly saluted his wife.

The president eventually removed his mask after taking the podium.

“At ease,” Biden said to all the troops who were standing. “I keep forgetting I’m President.”



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