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Men’s Health Week Urges Men to Focus on the Biggest Killer

“Know your man facts” is the message urging men and boys to pay more attention to their health, as a new survey reveals that heart disease is the leading killer of men in Australia, with four in five of deaths under 65 being men.

The research, released for Men’s Health Week next week, shows that one man dies of heart disease every hour. It also found that three out of four suicides are men with over 50 percent of separated dads feel suicidal and one in four of male suicides are linked to relationship separation.

Director of Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre Neil Hall said that during the month of June, the annual men’s initiative will celebrate and remind the men in our lives about the importance of regular checkups and screenings.

“Supporting men to achieve good health is something we can all work towards—a simple conversation between friends can be the start of something positive, so we’re encouraging everyone to get involved.

“It might be through hosting an event to create awareness, through to picking up the phone to a loved one or sharing resources and information,” Hall said.

(Courtesy of Men’s Health Forum)

Started in the US in 1994, Men’s Health Week in Australia will be held during June 14-20 this year.

“Our research has found that young men are starting to seek help and advice more freely but more needs to be done to support all men to reach out for help when they need it,” Hall added.

Men’s Health Week has also partnered with PlaySport, an online marketplace for sport, recreation, and wellbeing activities.

PlaySport CEO Jack Mansfield said that they are proud to encourage greater connection and participation in local experiences for the male community through the initiative.

“We strongly believe that connection through sports, rec and wellbeing activities significantly improves mental health outcomes for every individual,” Mansfield said.

The Men’s Health Forum has found that just doing 40 push-ups a day can cut your risk of heart issues.(Igor Palamarchuk/Shutterstock)

Among the findings, not all was gloomy. The research also found that children are more likely to eat fruit and vegetables if their dads do, and are thus encouraged to be healthy role models.



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