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Europeans write letters for restoring normal Russian-EU relations — Zakharova

MOSCOW, June 10. /TASS/. Moscow receives many messages from ordinary people in the European countries with calls and requests for resuming normal relations with Russia at the political level, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news briefing on Thursday.

“We have never had any doubts about the real attitude of the Europeans — not the political beau monde — but ordinary citizens of European countries. We have been receiving such requests for restoring normal relations at the political level. These messages, these letters and such calls come from the business community, public figures, and from people representing humanitarian organizations,” she said.

As a result, Zakharova said, it is getting pretty clear that “all that downgrading of relations was launched contrary to the interests of the European countries if it is their people that we are referring to.”

“This is already obvious,” she stressed.

Zakharova recalled that Russia had never initiated any moves to curtail cooperation with the EU or the introduction of any restrictive measures.

“It is a totally different matter that as a result of the unprecedented crisis of trust that had been fueled by some EU member-countries’ unfriendly steps and the introduction of unlawful restrictions Brussels’ relations with our country plummeted to an extremely low level. This state of affairs by no means meets the interests of either side and it needs correction, of course. This is an obvious truth. As we can see, this understanding is gradually making its way and meets with growing understanding in the European countries,” she said.

“We do understand that this artificial dictating of confrontation, that this confrontational rhetoric and unfriendly actions, that all this is fading away, and the growing understanding of the need for contacts and dialogue is coming to the forefront. Regular contacts at the summit level are evidence of mutual interest in a dialogue,” she said.

Zakharova stressed that Russia and the EU were equally interested in building equal and honest relations with reliance on international law, mutual respect, and due regard for each other’s approaches.



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