Anon diggs on weli card

This weli card intrigued me, so I went digging.

Perhaps Trump is playing the Weli card as the first move as dealer in the 2 phase game of Kratzen. First phase, no player may drop out and they place an ante in the pot. Second phase: aim is to win the pot & ” players may drop out for an individual hand if they think they are unlikely to take the minimum number of tricks. “

Referring to Biden, ACB, or the whole temple being brought down – and with DJT as dealer he just made the first move and played the Weli card?

The Weli, formerly Welli, is a playing card used in the Salzburg and William Tell card decks, which are Austrian regional patterns of the German-suited playing cards. It has the value of 6 of Bells and, in the South Tyrol variant of the card game, Watten, it is the only 6 used and can, in addition to its own suit of Bells, join the trump suits of Acorns, Hearts and Leaves. In all other variants of Watten, the 7 of Bells is the Weli.